Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lone Start Roundup 2014

Phil, Jason, and I set out on a trip to the Lone Star Roundup this year in his blue model A "Untamed" coupe and my gold deuce "Tiki" coupe and had a blast in Austin.  At the show we hooked up with our buddy Michael who came with his "Tornado" A bone coupe.

Tiki and Untamed along with the Tornado...

Cool panoramic Jason took:

Killer lavender A Bone:

These guys had it going on with some really killer A bones!

This A roadster rolled in from Louisiana with my buddy Michael, I took a bunch of pics of it a Goodguys this year not knowing it who's it was:

One of the baddest A bones ever:


One wild pick up:

The well deserved featured on this years Roundup t-shirt Nomad:

Crazy kool orange thirty two:

Trio of 40's that rolled in together, does it get any better?

Kustom/Hot Rod 40:

3 window 32 that was all business:

Cars, cars, and more cars...

I loved the firewall on this one:

I have seen this van in LA and was excited to see it at the Roundup...I love it!

A local fav of mine from the DFW area...the Ex Gasser:

Things were swell at the hot rod motel:

Phil needed that extra burst of power on the return trip to out race the storm that was to the east of us all the way home!

Our group tradition at the end of ever event that we can tie it in with...a visit to DJ's for a grande plate!

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Anonymous said...

Way cool bud. Looks liks it got cold as the weekend passed.