Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vintage War Birds!

Pics from the late 1950's early 1960's of an air show near Love Field (I Dad and Dave grew up in the area) with some pretty cool planes!  All are scans from negatives Dave gave me.

More of this to come later!!!

1968 and 1969 were good years for my Dad and his buddies!

I have posted scans of my Dad's 1968 Road Runner he bought brand new, and I just realized how good those years were for my Dad and his gang.  Dave got a brand new 68 Charger, Wayne got an AMX, and Dave's brother in law got a 68 Road Runner.

I don't remember Wayne's car being white.  I remember it being dark blue with a lift off fiberglass hood.  Dave told me these pics are from when he first got it before all those changes.  Pretty cool set of wheels that I remember with a totally different look!  Sadly, Wayne passed away many years ago.

Dave's Charger, I am working on more pics of it for later!

My Dad's best buddy...

My Dad and his buddy Dave grew up together and have done cars together since before I was born.

After I was born they met Steve, the guy that has painted most of my cars, and I followed these guys around as far back as I can remember.

Dave recently gave a bunch of his old photos from the late 50's through the mid 1980's and I am going to start posting them.

In the stuff he gave me I found color slides and negatives that I did not have pictures to go with.

I dug out my scanner and this is how it is going so far...

Original Negative...

Inverted scan....

I think it is pretty cool, how about you?  

Friday, July 12, 2013

DFW Cars and Coffee July 2013

I did not take very many pics, just a few when I first got to the show.  I set my camera down getting a drink and never remembered to get it back out of the car...oh well.

The show stopper of the month!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Buddies El Camino for sale...Check it out!

INFO: Completely rebuilt chassis with tubular control arms, 2" drop tall spindles, QA1 coil overs, Corvette brakes, 9" ford rear end. Hotchkis anti-sway bars. Power brakes. Brand new 383 stroker, 4-bolt main roller cam engine, T56 6-speed transmission. Hedman headers, 3" mandrel bent exhaust with Magnaflow headers. New wiring from American Autowire throughout. Brand new interior with a custom dash, latemodel power leather seats. All new front trim and bumper, new rear bumper (not installed). Custom fuel tank and battery relocation behind cab. Floorboards replaced, rear window surround replaced - all rust repaired. Custom hood with '68 SS hood bulges. BMW M-parallel 18" wheels with new Sumitomo tires.

Just had it aligned. The car is running and driving great, it is registered and insured. Just needs is bodywork and paint which I can't afford! Asking $16,000. Please contact through Craigslist Dallas. Thanks!!

Link to ad:

Some Stolen Car Alerts...

1932 Tudor was stolen this 4/15/13 in Edgewood Texas.

Its maron with black fenders .

SBC, 39 top loader and a 32 rearend .

The rear end is junk so they had to push it on a trailer .

It has a beautiful chrome 32 dash .

Street rod interior .

Reward: call 214-460-1507

These cars were stolen were stolen from Chris Cantrell's shop 7/7/13 in Tulsa, OK. 

Please keep an eye out for these two & PLEASE share to get word out! 

There IS a reward!!