Friday, July 12, 2013

DFW Cars and Coffee July 2013

I did not take very many pics, just a few when I first got to the show.  I set my camera down getting a drink and never remembered to get it back out of the car...oh well.

The show stopper of the month!


Ava Harness said...

These vintage cars look amazing! Seeing these photos, I feel that I'm taken back in time where gorgeous vehicles rule the road! Despite their age, they can still take your breath away! → Ava Harness @

Ashely Redden said...

Your photos are awesome! They may look old fashioned, but they're still the best cars I've ever seen. They might not have the modern tech, but their designs are truly the best! I wish I can see these cars with my own eyes some time soon. :)

Ashely @