Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A little summer "wish list" game....Part 1: 1960

How about a little summer diversion in the form of a game.  

Rules: I pick a year, you get to pick three cars you would have bought that year ranked in order of preference.  

Feel free to say why you picked them.  

Throw the color and options on them if you want.  

My picks...

At number 3 the 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner hardtop in black with a red interior.  I would want it with a stick and the 352 cid "Intercepter" 360 hp motor.  I always have felt these are under appreciated cars.

At number 2 the 1960 Impala hardtop rolling in Ermine White with a blue interior.  I would want a four speed with the really rare 3x2 bbl 348 cid W block.  Why?  It is an Impala, that is why.

At number 1 the 1960 Pontiac Bonneville in Cornado Red with a red interior.  Yes the Catalina is lighter but I love the style of these cars and love the maxed out look of the Bonneville.  I will take my with the 3x2 bbl 389!  This is one of the few cars I would take in rag top form!

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