Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pistons and Paint 2011

I messed up the settings on my camera somehow and so very few of my pics turned out to be usable. This is all I have this year...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I got some junk for sale...

If any of you are interested or if you know anybody I have a few items up for sale.

All the items are located in the DFW area.

Brand new unused Rootileb hood, one piece hood top only...SOLD

Stockton Wheel "Milner" chrome wheels. I had these on my coupe when I first built it and they have Diamond Back radial white walls on them.

Ford pattern, I have been told that one of the rears when I was going down the highway looked like it might have a slight wobble (a common problem with Stockton Wheels) but I could never feel it.

I know it could be straightened but I never had a problem with it, never looked into it, and I drove on them from the DFW area to Austin for the Round Up several times.

The tires have got that old rubber browning thing going on from sitting and a few spots in the white walls (like all of the radials do!) but the set on the wheels have very few miles on them.

They have been sitting around in the way ever since I got my Radir mags.

Fronts are 15x5

Front tire size...

Rears are 15x8 reversed...

Rear tire size...

I am asking SOLD for all of the wheels and tires.

Next up is some Hurst Racing Slicks, 15 inch rim size.

I had them on 15x8 Americans, you could probably run them on a 15x10.

The width of them is 10 inches.

They are 29 inches tall. .

I will throw in the one front runner I have left with them, the other one is no good.

SOLD for the slicks, very few miles on them. They were on my '63 Dodge.

Last up a small block chevy intake for Vortec head motors, SOLD.

I will be at Pistons and Paint next week and can bring the stuff to the show!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cars and Cofee Nov. 2011

LS Blue M3...

White Boss 302...

Race red Boss 302...

In the immortal words of The Stray Cats "look at that Cadillac!"

62' bubble turned into an Impy...

Competition Orange Terminator...too cool!