Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to the 50's 2011, St. Paul MN.

For Sale...but for sale at best offer/no price given:

We need more hot rod Corvettes in the world!

1940 Ford Corvette?

Yep, that is my old merc at the show:

Check out the hood and roof line of this Impala:

Killer Olds shots for my buddy...inspiration!

A-12 clone..."Beep, Beep!"

I am really thinking of chroming all my front end stuff on my '63, it looked good on this one instead of being anodized. The other thing is behind my bumper it is supposed to be silver but I like mine body color:


Ford Racing had a press fleet yellow Boss 302 on hand. It was interesting to listen to people talk about it and how they had never seen one. Crazy thing is the first Boss I have seen on the street besides mine was in the parking lot of a hotel in St. Paul, it was a red with black stripes Boss.

A glass Willys made to up to look like the one from "Hot Rod," the infamous "Willys" movie. Very cool indeed:

Check out this bad boy:

Falcon by Rad Rods...very rad:

New steel body 'maro:

Brace yourself for pure Pontiac greatness!!!!

Honda Dream Cycle...get it?

GSX clone with a surprise under the hood...real Buick guys turn away:

I still love bubble tops like my old '62 409 car but I could live with one like fact I am getting to where I almost prefer them over the bubble tops:

Real Heavy Chevy with a motor upgrade:

Yes, it is a hemi:

This wagon was for sale and I wanted it bad:

A couple of cool tri-five gassers:

Bone stock:

Very nice T-bolt clone (I don't think it was real but who knows?)...check out the dealer on the deck lid:

That's it!