Sunday, March 27, 2011


Since gas is going up the only solution is 2x4's on the coupe and 6x2's on the roadster.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 1st New Spring Goodguys at Texas Motor Speedway.

Mike Hall's new ride...

The Impala Brothers making the scene again.

Notice my Dodge in the back planning its attack...

Steve sold his fastback at the show...I know the term is over used but this was a "barn find" original car.

Yeah, when you ruin my pictures by consistently walking though the shots I will make you famous. Cool shades dude.

Yes it is more shots of the bone stock willys that I take tons of pics of every single year. Sorry, I just love this car!

Got bumped taking this picture...I am not a fan of those rent a cart things, some of those people do not watch what they are doing.

Ouch...hit a stalled car on the highway from what I was told:

WADE-STER! He autocrossed the fool out of the coupe this weekend.

I don't normally dig "theme" bikes but this was cool...

Way too sweet family truckster...

Now this would be a cool van for the wife to drive over the new Caravan we have...wonder if I could convince her?