Monday, July 4, 2011

Cars and Coffee July 2011: Plano, Texas

Did not take a ton of pics, but here is what I got!

This Duster belongs to a buddy that also has a black and gold rent a race car GT350. I think it is one of the nicest Mopars in town!

The new green SRT8...looks good but is not as intense of a green as the one on the new Camaro. I was expecting something more along sublime, the new green is an old viper color:

I have a soft spot for cars of this era because when I was a little kid my dads used car lot was stacked deep with cars like this!

Looked like it was being turned into a track star:

I can't remember the last time I saw the top up on this one, looks good though:

Wade got his autocross king back together! Said he was going to redo the seat to hold him in place better. He had cracked the fenders at Goodguys this year. Not a trailer queen street rod in any way shape or form!

Red Rocker approved Trans Am:

Cars and Coffee is a great show but I have one complaint about it. Goofballs from the various clubs and with various cars are showing up and putting cones (yes, cones they bought) up to block off spaces for buddies. A few guys show up extra early, set up cones or chairs, and the rest roll in very late. Many of them get very aggressive about it also and it needs to be stopped. Groups like Goodguys, NSRA, MSRA and so on have rules against this and Cars and Coffee needs to do the same and enforce it. One modern car group could be the worst offenders. Two shows in a row I have seen members of their group get mouthy to other people because they have run out of cones or chairs to block spots and somebody dared to park in their area, and two of their own were acting like they were going to get into a fight with each other over some internal argument that morning. Lame on many many levels. I show up to have fun and look at cars, not to listen to guys fight about parking spaces because they are too lazy to get up early and arrive together. Is it really gonna hurt you to walk a bit or to be mixed in with everybody else? Do you have to yell at people to claim turf? Do you have to pick fights with each other? Do you really need to make comments about taking "that crappy Camaro" someplace else because they dared to park next to you Charger?


Hazmat Ranger said...

King Voodoo - Awesome photos of an awesome event.
I got there early, found a lonely spot and then hunted down my buddies. First C&C event I have ever been to and glad I did not witness the events described. I plan to bring my step-grandson(s) and wife in the future and would not want them to experience the negative side of it. I hope they do something.

Tom - White 95 Ford Ranger SVT

Anonymous said...

King Voodoo...!
Thanks for taking a pix of my 67 SS
Chevelle.I agree with the cone and the silly fighting thing for a parking space. Get up early and get on with the show :)simple enough!
67 SS 496-Doug Nash 5 speed.

Anonymous said...

I was at this past c&c and I saw the cones set up but I also saw that Cars and Coffee sets up flags to park with your corresponding country's make/models...It seems to me that if ppl simply parked where they were alotted spaces it would save the bickering, hassle, and need for cones...I don't know why a mustang or charger would want to park in the middle of "japan"...instead of with his fellow mustangs or chargers unless he was trying to instigate something...

Used Car Mission TX said...

Great post, great photos, and great cars. Keep up the great work, I'll be coming back here for sure.