Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cars and Coffee May 2011: Plano, Texas

You never know what you might find a car show. Check out this killer hand made body sports car featured in Hot Rod Magazine in the late 50's!


Trust me, this one bad Back-ah-rude-ah with a full race hemi!

Cutting it a bit close here...

Dave's Impala...

Why the dang fish?

Cool little blue Boss 302!

White Boss 302, but an "MP" car! (Manufacturer Prototype)

"MP" LS Boss 302 in black and red.

This disco era Camaro had it going on...

392 Special Edition Chally...

My was the only non prototype at the show. I was surprised that nobody else had one at the show.

Eric's Bullitt:

Yes, two of these bad boys were at the show.

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