Monday, January 31, 2011

GNRS 2011 Pics...I took a ton of pics and here is a sampling of them!

We did hit Vintage Ford first:

Loved this one with the injectors popping through the hood:

One rocking mill:

Yes it is a chopped and primered with flames new Camaro:

For Phil, CRAGARS!

A true monster:

My fav bike at the show...I wanna build one like this to ride to work:

My fav van at the show:

Old steel body gasser...too kool:

The only merc that matters:


The koolest freaking bomb ever! Check out all the stuff on it:

In a perfect world this would have won the AMBR:

Cool 60's sports cars rule:

GT40, Gulf, nuff said:

I love this wagon:

Look under the hood of this one:

Chris Ito's work come to life:

I am still not sure on this 40 Ford thing, they just seem like to me you can still find them. I am still blown away that this beat a new steel 41 Willys to market...I would have thought somebody would have done that before a 40 Ford. It looked good though:


Troy's stuff:

Brian's hard work paying off and looking good:

Pat's Nitti clone looking killer:

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Anonymous said...

Terrific shots of terrific cars. You have good taste (same as mine).