Friday, July 30, 2010

Hoodlums in the early 60's!

Dad's Plymouth.
Dave and the Chrysler.

They started out as Mopar guys?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More 55 Vette pics and more.

One of my very first posts on this blog was about my dad's 1955 Corvette. I scanned a couple more pics from that same day.

Below is another shot of the 55 while my dad and his best buddy David were working on it.

The blue Corvette is Dave's, and if you notice the headlight rings are off...probably being chromed!

Both my dad and Dave put the cars in the Autorama.

All I have are some really bad indoor shots of the cars but it is still cool to see all the stuff in the background and such.

I wonder who's flamed Vette that was?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'll be dang, Facebook is good for something after all...finding old hot rod buddies!

I actually gave in to the Facebook stuff and it has sorta been really cool after all. I have found some people in one day I had not seen in years.

These cars belonged to one of these people I am talking about.

When we moved to Plano in 1977 I was a Schwinn Stingray riding goober stuck between kid and preteen. One of the things that pushed me along the curve of growing up was being in awe of the guy that lived behind us...Brad.

(He is the guy sporting the spiffy red trunks above btw)

Brad was a few years older than I was and I though he was the coolest guy on the face of the planet. He introduced me to Monte Python and we would watch it in his bedroom on Sunday nights. I raced slot cars with him (damn that Shadow car!), and I watched him get the idiot kid down the street to do the stupidest stuff ever.

Being the height of the Smokey and the Bandit era we were eat up with Trans Am's big time. We talked about them all the time and my dad called us the TA Twins back in those days.

This brown 1978 Trans Am will always will have a special spot in my memory.

My dad being in the car business led to him helping Brad get into his first car (a mid 70's Monte Carlo) and we were in on the Christmas surprise Brad's parents had lined up for him in the form of this brown Trans Am. He wanted one so bad and his parents decided to hook him up and my dad found the car for them. We stored that car in our garage waiting for Christmas morning to come and it was super hard keeping him from seeing it.

We were invited over on Christmas morning and that was when the fun began. His parents gave him a toy TA and a Pontiac Trans Am key fob with some keys for a car he "would have some day" and everybody had a good laugh about it.

He did not think that was real funny...

Suddenly it dawned on him that we were invited over on Christmas morning (not the norm) and that the keys might actually belong to something.

The dude was in heaven when he hit the alley and saw that car, I will never forget how cool that was.

These pics are from a Saturday morning wash the following summer. The old girl was looking good.

Only time the T-tops were on is if it was raining it seems...

I had a 1977 TA at the same time, and here I am all ready to cruise at 15 (I had a hardship back when it was easy to get one) in my silver TA.

And yes, this is before I discovered Punk and Rockabilly and so on...

Brad had a bunch more cars over the years, (hey Brad, remember the crazy Manta bug kit car you thought about buying?) and this red Mustang GT is the one I think that followed the TA.

Brad is behind the wheel in front of my parents house.

In 1987 he was tearing it up in this yellow Vette.

So Facebook led to me finding a guy that was a big part of my maybe it ain't so lame after all...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hurst Cheater Slicks!

The black wheels have probably too much off set, some mags or new rear wheels with about an inch less will allow the rear to come down more.

Does it need to?

It is too high or just right?

Also thinking hard about some of these...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old Ford pick up on the lot of Buster Lyon Auto Co. in 1975

A couple of people said they were enjoying the old lot pics I have. My father picked up this pick up super cheap and flipped it in Spring of 1975. If you notice they had been at the Oakland and Main spot 22 years or so at the time.

I posted pics of this Corvette my dad had in a previous post but I just found this picture. Once again it it is the lot in 1975 but this was after the new year heading towards spring.

Besides the cool vette, chekc out the Dallas skyline in 1975:

And just for grins, early 1980, same lot but check the sign and the years they had been on Main. ..and check out that snow!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A bunch of bolgs with links to mine are about bikes, so this is for you guys!

My Dad has always had bikes, and many of them were Harley's.

The car lot he works for still to this day was on the corner of Oakland and Main in downtown Dallas for many years.

On one corner was the lot, on another was a used bike and parts shop that remained for years after they moved to Ross, and on another corner for a time was a HD place.

These pics are of one of his bikes...this is early to mid 1970's stuff but maybe some of you bike guys can tell me the year models of the bikes.

My Dad was placing these pics around 74 or 75 but he could not really remember when I asked him.

The bike is sitting in front of the office at the lot.

My Dad has had a bunch of bikes, he even had a Vincent Black Shadow chopper for a few days he got from the shop across the street. A guy needed cash, my dad bought it, and in a few days he flipped it for more cash.

He later switched to Jap bikes when that was all the rage.

This is one of them on the same lot as the pics above. Check out the prices and the cars in the background!

Same bike (I think) with a new square headlight?

I will post some of his HD's from the late 80's to the early 2000's when I get a chance.

This next pic is in Plano. We moved to Plano in 1977 but the picture is later than that (I think) because the houses across the street are built and the yards are growing.

The late 70's were the black and gold Bandit Trans Am days and he had this Yamaha Midnight Special (I think that is what it was called) during the height of that look being cool.

Same street, as you can see it is an earlier pic because noting is built across from us.

This is me on my bike at the time LOL.