Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My favorite magazine cover of all time.

Great looking girl, great looking car, great looking layout, great magazine.

What more could you want?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Like Father, Like Son!

Me around 1970 or so...

Preston in 2010.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Bass Day!

My new 2010 American Standard Fender Jazz Bass in Candy Cola.

Old Unused Auburn Engine ID Tag

My Dad was given this many years ago and he tossed it into his tool box.

I stumbled across it the other day and he told me I could have it.

It seems to be an Auburn 8 Cylinder Engine ID Tag that never had the numbers punched into it.

My Dad said it is legit and that he was told it came from the factory when it was shutting down, but who knows...maybe one of you out there has a clue about when this was made, if it is real, what kind of Auburn it went one, and so on.

Whatever the story is on it, I think it is cool.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new (to me) 1963 Dodge 330 Super Stock Clone

I guess I will have to go on out to Drag City now in my new Super Stock Dodge clone. She has a 440 done up to pass for a 426 Super Stock Wedge and will get the much needed cross ram at some point.

63's are so ugly they are cute...I love it!

I already have a new vintage style Sun Tach on the way for my birthday (today btw) from my parents for it...it will get some better gauges that fit the 60's theme under the dash later too.

Here are the specs I was given on it:

1963 Dodge 330 Super Stock Clone

A 30 over 1970 440 HP Block

Steel crank

LY Rods

JE light weight forged piston, 10.5 compression (runs on pump gas)

Block drilled for 1/2 inch oil pick-up

Milidon 7 qt oil pan

Light weight starter

906 ported and polished heads

2.14 intake valves (2.08 stock) and 1.81 exhaust valves (1.74 stock)

Crane 1.5 roller rocker arms

Cammonics roller cam: 292 duration with .540 lift

Comp cams roller lifters

MSD billet distributor

Crane Hi 6 ignition

Milidon true roller timing chain

Mopar M-1 single plane intake

750 Edelbrock carb

Dougs 2" primary headers Jet Hot coated

3" aluminized exhaust

3 chamber flowmaster

Big yoke drive shaft

727 trans with slip yoke tail shaft

Pushbutton shifter

Continental 10" 3200 stall converter

1965 8 3/4 rear end with sure grip

489 case with 430 gears

Super Stock rear suspension

Frame connectors

Drive shaft loop

6 cylinder torsion bars

Custom made steel wheels, 15 X 8 1/2 rear and 15 X 5 fronts powder coated

Trunk mounted battery

Base coat clear coat black paint on super straight body

Be-Cool aluminum radiator with duel electric fans

Line lock

High flow water pump and thermostat

Front disc brakes with dual master cylinder

Rust free California car.

Seen in Aug 2003 Car Craft magazine

Best of show 2003 Sacramento Mopar show

Preston digs the new "race car" as he puts it...he wants to go out looking for Sting Rays to SHUT DOWN like in the Beach Boys song.

After blowing door handles off of other cars you have to adjust your mirror.

My boy can't get enuff of cars and wants me to break the law all the time and stomp on it...check him out in the vid below:


Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, this week is the LA Roadster Show, Back to the 50's, and the Hot Rod Reunion.

I have yet to make it to the Reunion and I usually either go to LA or Minnesota, but this year I am not going anyplace...bummer.

I got to thinking about the various shows I have been to during this part of the summer over the years and looked over some old photos.

I had totally forgotten about this car, a Kustom with a "K" 1955 Chevy.

I am not sure of the year that I took these, but I do know it was at Back to the 50's in Minnesota.

The color changing paint was very "novel" at the time and had not really been around much yet.

I usually do not care for flip flop paint but it worked on this car.

I think I saw it at least two years in a row and have never seen it since.

Is it still around?

Does it still look the same?

Do any of you know, and does anybody really read this blog?

Monday, June 14, 2010

For Sale: Chevy 6x2 Set Up...go multi carb and be the envy of everybody!

New lower price, I need to move them!

For Sale: Small Block Chevy 6x2 Set Up Complete with 97's

Six rebuilt matched 97's ready to go!
Offenhauser Intake with logos ground off for that custom touch!
Eelco Linkage.
Proper manifold bolts.
Chrome helmet air cleaners.
Moon fuel block.

Ready to go right now, bolt her on and let her rip.

$2500.00 cold hard cash. (was $3000.00...you can't put a set like this together for what I am asking!)

That price is without shipping.

Prefer you pick it up, I have no idea how I would ship it safely and it would cost ya a bunch to do so. A HAMB hand off or getting Ben D or somebody to pick it up would be your best option.

They are in the DFW area of Texas, I would meet ya if it is not too far.

Old merc build photos...

Before sending the ol' girl down the road I have some old build pics of her I wanted to post.

First up is some stock pics of the car in 1986.

This is a photo from the tear down.

Before going off to Sachse Rod Shop for the front end update the power windows were installed.

These are some early assembly photos from when the car had come back from Wade's Rod and Custom with its new shinny black paint.

And finally another shot of the early days before the wheel change and side trim were added.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

John Bolton's 59 Impala

Dave, the guy with the boss '60 Impala I have had on this blog several times, has a buddy that just finished this killer '59 Impala.

Steve, the guy that painted my coupe and roadster did the body work and paint. Dave sent me some details on it, check it out:

1959 Impala convertible

Power glide


Power steering and front disc brakes

2" spindles on front

The wheels are 17's

The color is a 1956 Chevy Sierra Gold

There was an oil change sticker dated 1980 with 80,000 miles, it now shows
87,000 miles.

We think this is original mileage, especially as this was an
original 6 cylinder!!!

Hard to believe they made and Impala convert 6 banger!