Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cruise Night Last Saturday at El Chico's in Flower Mound, Texas.

Well, I had hopes that since it was the first cruise night of the year the turn out would be good...so much for that idea.

The turn out was poor but I did snap a few pics.

My buddy Bob came out in his 60's Style T-bucket:

My buddy Tom rolled out in with his Rivi:

A nice Nova showed up:

My buddy Scott showed up in his ol' original un-restored (how many of you would have liked to have beat him to this one?) Baracuda and we compaired it to the SRT8.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One last blast of Plum Crazy Puple cars...

Yep, even I think it is time to give the plum crazy stuff a rest on the ol' blog but I did get some pics of the roadster and the SRT8 together I could not resist posting.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How I spent the $2000 in Mopar Money.

Well, as I wrote about before my dad got a 2010 Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8. My poor dad has seen the car once, the day he bought it.

I have had it since it needed to be detailed and also because he left me in charge of spending his $2000 in Mopar Money that was part of the new incentive program.

You get Mopar Money to spend on any accessory items you want for your car.

I took it in on Friday and they got everything for it in and on the car. As you can see I have her shined up and ready to go for my dad who will be taking it home tomorrow.

And yes, I will hate to see it go.

One set of items I got for him were the fancy floor mats with Challenger written on them and a trunk mat to match. I also got him a cool road side emergency kit to put in the storage section in the trunk where the air compressor is. The car has no spare so in that area is an air compressor and a storage spot. The kit has jumper cables, tools, gloves, flares and so on in a nice Chrysler bag.

Next up are some items that should come standard on the car. Nice bright door sill trim, shinny pedals, and a cool Mopar silver/plastic chrome T-shift handle.

Under the hood is a cold air induction kit and a strut tower brace.

We has had some money left so I got a portable GPS unit. The Challenger already has it built in but hey, we can use the portable one in the other cars on trips so why not?

I love this car.

I am going to have to figure out how to beg, buy, or steal this one from him!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More of my dads first new car and second new car...

Since my dad bought the Challenger I was thinking about the fact that it is only the third new Chrysler product he has ever had.

He had the 1968 Road Runner he bought new, a yellow Dodge Viper coupe he bought new, and now the Challenger.

I mentioned the Road Runner in this post (LINK) about my dads first new car he ever bought, a 1964 Falcon Sprint.

I scanned a couple of more photos of the Falcon and the Road Runner.

The Falcon:

Check that tach out!

The Road Runner:

At the army base he was stationed a...

Does and interior get any more basic and down to business?

Well, not that you guys have never seen the bass before...

...but since it is Plum Crazy and so it the new Challenger I took some quick photos.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pure Plum Craziness.

I put the first wax job on the Challenger for my dad. I used Mcguiar's Tech Wax (the Carnuba Synthetic Blend) on it.

It now looks really rich and dark.

Rivals in the garage!

The Challenger is pulled in a lot farther but you can still see the size difference. The Challenger is a big ol' boy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Dad's New Challenger.

I noticed that a dealer down the road from me just got three plum crazy R/T Classics and one SRT8.

I contacted them and got the internet sales guy.
We discussed the price and the $2000 bucks in Dodge dollars you get right now as a promotion and I called my father.

He came out, and he bought a car.

He got a good deal on the car, and it is really cool. 
I still think the Challenger is a bit on the expensive side when you look at the Mustang and Camaro but you can not deny they are lookers and a fun car.

I know I enjoyed driving it around the block, and since he needs to make some room for it at his house I have it at mine right now and just washed it off.

The above picture is the SRT8 with my Mustang and my deuce coupe.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1973 Dallas Autorama Pink Van...yikes!

When I was a little kid at the Autorama in 1973 I thought this would be the most awesome thing to ride to school in ever.

Now that I look at it again, maybe it would be still!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 2010 Fort Worth Texas Rod and Custom Show.

Took some pics out in Ft. Worth today...started the morning out at the Dallas New Car Show, hit Pappa's Burgers on the way to the hot rod show and had a nice afternoon looking at the rides.

Came in the door of the Ft. Worth Rod and Custom Show and was greeted by the infamous former clown car turned hot rod from the magazines.

The back drop behind the car kinda creeped me out...I ain't scared of clowns per say but I have never met one I liked.

To me these headlight look like poop on most cars, but they worked on this one!

Love that nailhead!

Don Smith's killer anti freeze green 32 that I also took pictures of at Goodguys back in October...I think this might be my favorite car of his now. Not that pretty much all his car rock or anything.

Look, it's cardboard Gene!

Man, there were a bunch of 32 Five windows at the show this year. This one had some interesting history stuff on the card next to it.

Real big block car...

Not often you see a Starlight black Judge much less one with a red interior.

I guess some would say this one is "over restored" but it is pretty much perfect. Love the red lines, mags, and tri power.

Very different, very cool...

Black Widow look but not one...

Don Smith's future 32 four door is going to be as cool as the anti freeze green sedan.

Very stealthy Del Ray...very understated and very awesome!

Non Fuel Injection 57...

Followed by a Fuel Injected 57...