Sunday, January 31, 2010

Some Ronnie Dawson Shots at the LSRU # 2

The late great Ronnie Dawson at the second Lone Star Round Up in Austin, Texas many years ago.

Still miss Ronnie to this day.

I can't believe how awful the quality of these pictures are since the camera was "cutting edge" back then.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some old rockabilly show shots.

I found some old pictures of some rockabilly shows from the early 90's.

Go Kat Go at Club Clearview in Dallas, Texas some time in the early 1990's.

High Noon at the same show.

Carl Sonny Leland at the Contenintal Club in Austin from around the same time period.

Big Sand and the Fly Rite Trio at the same show...notice T.K. Smith is still with the band at the time.

And the headliner that night was Johnny Carroll, RIP.

Johnny was a great guy and I had the pleasure of seeing him many, many times.

I have some other early pics of High Noon, Big Sandy, Dave and Deke, The Phantom Rockers, The Stray Cats, Backsliders, Paladins, Wagoneers, and other bands someplace.

I also have a lot of Ronnie Dawson pictures along with pictures of him playing with the Lone Star Trio at my wedding.

I will post them when I find them again.

Young and dumb bass playing dude.

I found this old picture today of me with my old Rick bass. I am pretty sure this was taken on my 15th birthday.

Wow, I don't know if I would want to be 15 again but it would be nice to be that thin and have that hair back.

I sold the bass long ago, one of those things...I wonder where it is today?

I traded it for a re-issue 6120 Gretsch at Charlie's Guitars in Dallas, Texas (a guitar I also do not have anymore). That would have in the early 1990's when I did that.

Check out my orange room.

I also found this old picture of my Fender '57 Re-issue P Bass in its original color .

I still have it and it is the bass painted purple now to match my car...the picture is from long before the finish got ruined.

Dropping it was one issue and the water slide 'lady luck" decal actually ate into the paint!

I still like the green, but the finish was trashed and I think it looks pretty killer in purple now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Shouting out some THANK YOUS!

Well, the roadster if finally close to 100%.

Being the most useless person with tools ever I have to thank my Dad once again. I ran out of money a long time ago and he kicked in on the car (as always, he loves working on them and when they are done he is ready to move on to the next one) and he really did all the big work and I just helped. I looked forward to weekends at his place fooling with the car but it constantly amazed me on what he would get done during the week (especially when half the time he told me he had not gone out to the garage all week). He loves the detail work, making brackets, making things right. I would not have any of these cars if not for him and left on my own I would still be looking at a pile of parts. Every car was pretty much built in my head before we started but he made my visions a reality!

Being the son of a guy this passionate about cars is awesome. I hope he rubs off on my son!

Thanks Dad!

Once again Steve Donnell did the paint and body work and things like adding the bear claws. He always goes above and beyond and has a great eye for what works and does not work. He knows 32’s and just about all I know about them came from him. The extra little things he did on the car make it what it is. Heck, he even did a great job on the paint and does not like purple LOL.

Bob Wilson hooked me up with the brakes and drums and was a bunch of help as always. He always does more for you than he has too.

Mike Stuckey did the interior for us, and it came out great. I wanted it to be influenced by the McMullin roadster and I took some pics to him and he went to work.

Daniel of course did the pinstripes. A true master and the car was naked without them!

Ron built my tranny making my M22 dreams complete.

Karl was the source of the dash, I have loved those things since day one.

Richard at Richards Stuff hooked us up with a lot of the parts on this car. Great guy, great service.

Cornhuskers provided the frame, Sid at Bop Tops made us the white top, and Brizio hooked us up with windshield stuff also. Lots of bits came from Bob Drake (but were still waiting on that cowl vent seal)

Coker Tires provided the rubber and got us the wheels and caps. Corkey himself got involved. Thanks!

Several people did some little things along the way and offered lots moral support and acted as sounding boards for ideas.

Thanks Doug G., Michael B., Buzz, David P., Eric A., Bobby N., and Phil H.(well, maybe not so much Phil LOL).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinstripe "O" Rama

Today my good buddy Daniel, a very well know North Texas pinstripe master and owner of the deuce five window I did a post on not to long ago, came over and laid the stripes on the hot rod and some other stuff.

I had a super cool Sunday afternoon shooting the breeze with Daniel and my Dad doing some minor cleaning and finishing on the cars and watching a master pin striper at work.

He did the beltline, deck lid, and nose of my ’32 roadster (called the “The Goofy Grape” by many now but originally was going to be “The Mummies Curse” in part because of the shift knob and in part because I love the Cali garage band The Mummies) in white and it contrasts very well on the purple and to me looks freaking awesome!

Once again the purple is not reproducing at all in the pictures, it always looks bluer in pictures than it does in real life.

We also finally got the reproduction 1957 Corvette Dual Quad Air Cleaners. My Dad trimmed them a bit so they would fit. The motor is an actual Vette 327 (yeah, I know everybody says that) with fuelie heads and to me the cleaners finish that look off.

After all these years on no stripes at all on my 1950 Merc we got Daniel to add just a little flourish to the dash just to break it up a bit. Many people that know the Merc will be surprised to see that after over 20 years of no stripes at all and being so subtle it will be missed by most people.

This will be a total love it or hate it thing but I had my 1957 Reissue Fender P Bass painted to match the car (as shown in some older posts) and wanted some stripes to tie it in to the car.

I am planning showing the car in the Dallas Autorama and want to display the bass with it.

While we were at it I had Daniel lay some stripes on my Kandy Tangerine Brian Setzer 6120 Hot Rod Gretsch and to me it really finishes that guitar off.

Make sure you click on the pics so you can see a larger image, the black is hard to see!

Here are a couple more shots of the interior.

Some garage shots (My dad does not have a car right now and all three are at his place).

And here is the fleet, the first time all three cars have been in one spot!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interior pics...finally.

I went with a style copied from the Tom McMullen Roadster.

Car still needs some final detail and shakedown but it is getting close!

Preston and Grandpa are looking kool!