Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some more old pics of my 1969 Judge.

How about these for a mid 1980's flashback?

These pics have to be from right before I sold the car and might have been pictures I took so that I could use one to list the car in Auto Trader.

My brand new at the time 1987 Monte Carlo SS is in the background. I still remember picking that car up. They still had some 1986 ones on the lot but I wanted the 1987 because of the new style taillights on the car.

My dad still had his dark blue 1935 Chevy and it was finished, and my 50 merc is not in any of the garages meaning it was already torn down and at Wade's Rod and Custom getting worked on.

I also have the horrid Cragar wheels on the car because I did not want to let my Centerlines go with the car.

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Buddy said...

I bet you wish you had those wheels back for your roadster.