Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Polaroids of cars from the 1980's

As I mentioned in the Bass post before this one I found some random polaroids. This first one is my dad's 1935 Chevy (the only year of suicide doors on them by the way) under construction but running on its own power.

I am not a fan of the painted bumpers on it but I did like the color matched wheels and small caps he used at first. The car would later have mag wheels on it.

A rear shot of the 1955 Chevy I had but we never did anything with because I was all into my 1969 GTO Judge. As far as I know it was parted out.

I totally forgot about this thing. My dad bought it and only kept if for a short time. I asked him about it and all he could really remember is he got a killer deal on it and flipped in and made a big profit. He said that was the only reason he bought it and he never even really drove it. I had fun with it a couple of weekends before it was sold.

That is me driving it when I was in high school. I probably took in down to Forest Lane and hit the Plano Burger King parking lot at Independence and Parker like I always did on the weekends.

The Burger King has been gone for many years and a Tom Thumb gas station sits at that spot today. Forest in Dallas was not dead yet during my high school years (early to mid 80's) and that Burger King actually attracted a ton of cars in Plano for several years and then it just died.

The Plano Senior High parking lot after games on Friday was also a big hang out spot for several years.