Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Dallas, Texas Cars & Coffee...Classic BMW needs your help.

Please read and help if you can:

My name is Eric Maas---My family owns Classic BMW. I am very proud to host the monthly Cars & Coffee event at my dealership. I feel that now is the time to address some of your concerns and some of mine....

During the last 18 months I have had a couple of conversations with participants at our event that have informed me that their cars have been in some way damaged. While hiring security for each row would be an option I decided to ask our participants and our spectators to RESPECT the cars. Classic's volunteer workers have been preaching respect for a few months and I have not had any communication from anyone regarding damage---so, I hope that the message has been received and we can all enjoy this wonderful show.

My issue has to do with RESPECT for my cars....I have a huge inventory of new BMW's that I move out of the normal storage lot at Classic onto the front grass area near Spring Creek Parkway. I do this to offer more space for people to display their cars at the event. On Saturday, during the event 14 brand new BMW's were vandalized. Evidently a small group of individuals walked around the inventory and keyed the cars---in a couple of instances they kinda went Picasso on the them. I will be posting the pics eventually. I will also be posting a link to the officer with the Plano Police that is currently investigating this crime.

If you have recollection of seeing these people performing this crime...please contact me at

I love hosting this event....but the future of an event like this is in jeopardized when anyone's car is damaged. Or when someone gets out of control....It's never easy to do something right. Please help me make this right.


Eric Maas,
President, Classic BMW---Home of Cars & Coffee Dallas


I really hope they catch whoever did this!

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dr john said...

You must be joking... Of course, I know you aren't. Such is the sign[s] of the debased , amoral/immoral and self centered society in which we find ourselves.
Regrettably, such events will soon all need to be closed to the public, negating the ability of a business such as yours to host them and spread a little cheer and goodwill.
Hanging is too good for em imho.