Saturday, September 25, 2010

1976 Olds...

I will never forget my dad buying this 1976 Olds.

When he went in to the Olds/Pontiac dealership I wanted him to buy a Trans Am, but he would not even look at them.

The dealership even had Bricklins, and I thought the orange on sitting on the show room floor was killer, he was not impressed.

What he ordered was this Cutlass Supreme. The car had just about every option on it you could get, but he ordered the car with no "nice wheels" or hubcaps.

When the car came into the dealership we went to see it and the salesmen were all talking about how the car looked like a cop car with the poverty caps on it.

They could not understand why my dad did what he did and he never told them. The wire wheels were back at the house...he had bought the wheels before he got the car.

BTW, check out the CB in the interior shot...this car had it going on for the mid 70's!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Another old late 70's custom truck project.

This one was sold as a project to somebody else. My dad was in the process of chopping it and somebody else "just had to have it" and it was gone.

I wonder what became of it?