Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cobra wipe out...rut ro Shaggy!

Several of my buddies sent these pics to me and I am not 100% sure who took them and who should get the credit for them and so if this is stepping on somebodies toes or the original person wants me to take them down leave me a comment.

The images are making the rounds and I bet before long the story will get changed so here is the scoop for you guys that love a mystery....and nope, ya don't get a scooby snack!

Anyway this is one of those boss aluminum Cobra replica bodies and I have seen this car several times at shows like AER and the Dallas Autorama.

The story goes that the owner let an employee take the car out and the employee wiped her out and it ended up in the canals over by the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

I was told he was going too fast, lost control, jumped the curve, and splash!

The guy was saved by the roll bar and got out okay with minor injuries.

I have driven by this spot many times...a very sad site to see and I hope the car is not too bad and will survive the baptism.

It is hard to see the damage with the hot Texas sun lighting up the polished body but you can see some crushed panels if you look close.

Best of luck to the owner on this!

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