Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Country Burger Parking Lot Show in Plano, Texas.

I have been going to Country Burger since I was in high school. They have several locations now and I guess a year or so ago they moved one of the stores closer to where I grew up and today they had their first little Sunday parking lot show. Pretty good turn out for a hot Texas day.

I don't think I have ever seen a baby blue Lambo before...

The Dodge with the new Hurst Racing Tires on front to match the Hurst Racing Slicks...Go Hurst!

For once Bellflower done right!

It is for sale btw...If interested I have the phone number in another pic.

One of those cars with a horse on it...a Mustang maybe?

The Dizzer's '58.

Kelly's real Iris Mist '65!

And Kelly's 32...

Never see this 5 window before...late 60's early 70's build from the looks of it...

Real injected car...

Cally Special...

Daniel's orange big block '32...also for sale if interested.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


In 1979 my father purchase a brand new Chevy Stepside in black with a gray interior. Before he even brought it home for me to see it he put baby moons on it and put in a tube grill.

The first pic is of me with the car in '79 wearing my Plano Wildcats t-shirt (I graduated from Plano Sr. High in 1986).

As you can see in the next pic the temporary paper tag is still in the back window. Next to the truck is my mom's 1978 Vette.

The little vette was a go kart...the one that some of my friends will remember hearing about because I was chased by the police in it.

My dad got personalized plates for the truck that said "BAD TWK." That stood for "bad truck" by the way.

This was soon followed by shaving all the trim and emblems off, wire wheels, pin stripes, and a fiberglass Hickey Blazer hood.

Steve, the guy that painted my 32's, did all the body and paint on the car, my dad did the rest.

Then next set of changes came in the form of a painted Blazer front bumper, vinyl top, and the El Camino cut down rear bumper...

Next up was a blower and an appearance in Hot Rod Magazines "PICKUPS & mini-trucks" Special.

The truck was started in the tail end of the 70's when excess was the thing and street freaks ruled but rolling into the 80's, the era of graphics and neon, the truck got an update.

My dad showed the car on the ISCA circuit and I had a ton of fun going to all those shows and hanging out. Before he sold it I did get to take it out by myself one time with a buddy and see how it ran real good!

The truck was sold when my dad started to focus more on street rods and it met a sad sad fate.

I was driving between college in Denton, Texas back to Plano and to my folks place one day and saw it on a lot off 121 just as you came out of Lewisville.

The hood was gone, the motor was gone, the paint was faded, the truck had been crashed into something, and the top was torn.

I stopped to look at it and it was behind a fence. It was on a car lot or body shop (can't remember now) on the North side of 121 right before you cross over the bridge coming out of Lewisville heading for the Colony. Nobody was around and I did not have a camera, so I just looked at her from behind the fence and felt bad for her.

I am sure she went to the junkyard never to roam again. She had her glory days in car shows and cruising, but it stinks to see that somebody spent money to buy it and then went and basically destroyed it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cobra wipe out...rut ro Shaggy!

Several of my buddies sent these pics to me and I am not 100% sure who took them and who should get the credit for them and so if this is stepping on somebodies toes or the original person wants me to take them down leave me a comment.

The images are making the rounds and I bet before long the story will get changed so here is the scoop for you guys that love a mystery....and nope, ya don't get a scooby snack!

Anyway this is one of those boss aluminum Cobra replica bodies and I have seen this car several times at shows like AER and the Dallas Autorama.

The story goes that the owner let an employee take the car out and the employee wiped her out and it ended up in the canals over by the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

I was told he was going too fast, lost control, jumped the curve, and splash!

The guy was saved by the roll bar and got out okay with minor injuries.

I have driven by this spot many times...a very sad site to see and I hope the car is not too bad and will survive the baptism.

It is hard to see the damage with the hot Texas sun lighting up the polished body but you can see some crushed panels if you look close.

Best of luck to the owner on this!