Friday, July 30, 2010

Hoodlums in the early 60's!

Dad's Plymouth.
Dave and the Chrysler.

They started out as Mopar guys?

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BSS said...

Re: Zip Codes "missing songs"

"Three Window Coupe" and "Classy Lotus Chassy"

They are! But both songs [exactly they same versions] were first published by a studio/session band called "The Eliminators" on their album Liverpool, Dragster, Cycles and Surfing (1964) Liberty code X367. And just added to the Zip-Codes album. The Eliminators were also produced by "Buzz" Cason (the true name of Gary Miles). So I filed both songs "proper" under "The Eliminators". Actually I wanted to post the Eliminators album later, but forgot about it ...