Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A bunch of bolgs with links to mine are about bikes, so this is for you guys!

My Dad has always had bikes, and many of them were Harley's.

The car lot he works for still to this day was on the corner of Oakland and Main in downtown Dallas for many years.

On one corner was the lot, on another was a used bike and parts shop that remained for years after they moved to Ross, and on another corner for a time was a HD place.

These pics are of one of his bikes...this is early to mid 1970's stuff but maybe some of you bike guys can tell me the year models of the bikes.

My Dad was placing these pics around 74 or 75 but he could not really remember when I asked him.

The bike is sitting in front of the office at the lot.

My Dad has had a bunch of bikes, he even had a Vincent Black Shadow chopper for a few days he got from the shop across the street. A guy needed cash, my dad bought it, and in a few days he flipped it for more cash.

He later switched to Jap bikes when that was all the rage.

This is one of them on the same lot as the pics above. Check out the prices and the cars in the background!

Same bike (I think) with a new square headlight?

I will post some of his HD's from the late 80's to the early 2000's when I get a chance.

This next pic is in Plano. We moved to Plano in 1977 but the picture is later than that (I think) because the houses across the street are built and the yards are growing.

The late 70's were the black and gold Bandit Trans Am days and he had this Yamaha Midnight Special (I think that is what it was called) during the height of that look being cool.

Same street, as you can see it is an earlier pic because noting is built across from us.

This is me on my bike at the time LOL.

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Michael said...

Damn - look at those old chevelles in the background of one of these pics.....