Friday, June 18, 2010

Well, this week is the LA Roadster Show, Back to the 50's, and the Hot Rod Reunion.

I have yet to make it to the Reunion and I usually either go to LA or Minnesota, but this year I am not going anyplace...bummer.

I got to thinking about the various shows I have been to during this part of the summer over the years and looked over some old photos.

I had totally forgotten about this car, a Kustom with a "K" 1955 Chevy.

I am not sure of the year that I took these, but I do know it was at Back to the 50's in Minnesota.

The color changing paint was very "novel" at the time and had not really been around much yet.

I usually do not care for flip flop paint but it worked on this car.

I think I saw it at least two years in a row and have never seen it since.

Is it still around?

Does it still look the same?

Do any of you know, and does anybody really read this blog?

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