Thursday, June 10, 2010

John Bolton's 59 Impala

Dave, the guy with the boss '60 Impala I have had on this blog several times, has a buddy that just finished this killer '59 Impala.

Steve, the guy that painted my coupe and roadster did the body work and paint. Dave sent me some details on it, check it out:

1959 Impala convertible

Power glide


Power steering and front disc brakes

2" spindles on front

The wheels are 17's

The color is a 1956 Chevy Sierra Gold

There was an oil change sticker dated 1980 with 80,000 miles, it now shows
87,000 miles.

We think this is original mileage, especially as this was an
original 6 cylinder!!!

Hard to believe they made and Impala convert 6 banger!


Ceaser Flores said...

This is a clean 1959 - I am a proud owner of a 59 as well. Those rims and tires are sweet.

What size are the tires and rims?

What is the style name of the tires and rims?


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm only a year or so late, but the tires are Diamond Back 17" with a 1/2" beauty ring (white rubber extra band on the outside of the whitewall) and the wheels are 17" x 7" TQ Rod wheels. Glad you like them.