Monday, June 14, 2010

For Sale: Chevy 6x2 Set Up...go multi carb and be the envy of everybody!

New lower price, I need to move them!

For Sale: Small Block Chevy 6x2 Set Up Complete with 97's

Six rebuilt matched 97's ready to go!
Offenhauser Intake with logos ground off for that custom touch!
Eelco Linkage.
Proper manifold bolts.
Chrome helmet air cleaners.
Moon fuel block.

Ready to go right now, bolt her on and let her rip.

$2500.00 cold hard cash. (was $ can't put a set like this together for what I am asking!)

That price is without shipping.

Prefer you pick it up, I have no idea how I would ship it safely and it would cost ya a bunch to do so. A HAMB hand off or getting Ben D or somebody to pick it up would be your best option.

They are in the DFW area of Texas, I would meet ya if it is not too far.

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