Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bullitt 2006

I ordered a 2001 Bullitt back when they were first announced and out of all my daily drivers that I have ever had it is the one I miss the most.

It was #457 in Dark Highland Green for any of you Bullittheads out there who keep track of them.

My buddy Eric loved the Bullitt's too and bought himself a used 2001 Bullitt around 2006.

About the same time I bought a 2006 Challenger (that I did not have very long at all).

We went out and goofed around one day back in the winter of 2006 and did a Bullitt "remake."

I stumbled on the pics on my computer and thought some of you might really dig them.

Eric's Bullitt, which had deep dish wheels on it and a Cobra front end:

My Charger R/T with the Road and Track Package that was basically a Daytona without the special color and spoiler/sticker stuff back then...notice the wheels are the same black accent ones a Go Mango or Top Banana Dayton would have had:

The Bullitt has just pulled in behind the assassins Charger...

The assassin driver just noticed the Bullitt in the rear view mirror...time to buckle in!

They are getting ready to punch it!

And off they go into history!


Buddy said...

You even had to much time on your hands even back then. Get back to movie reviews.


Eric said...

That was the day I sold that car. Man, I miss it! It's supercharged now I hear, tearing up Corpus Christi.