Saturday, March 6, 2010

My dad's 1958 Bel Air

My dad has always been a 1958 chevy guy. Before I was born he had my mom driving a blue small block 58 Impala and he had a 348 big block 58 Impala in black.

My entire life he has stopped and looked at every 58 chevy we have come across.

Myself, I always tend to like the Bel Airs more than the Impalas in those years and he has had a couple of those that I thought were pretty killer.

My Dad had this car in the late 80's after I had gotten out of high school. It came out of a garage in North Dallas and had been sitting for years.

It really was an "old man"car that was driven every now and then until the owner passed. It was complete, rust free, and cheap.

My dad redid the wiring, motor and tranny, the typical deal.

He then had it shot in a metallic green and had a white tuck n roll interior done up.

I do not remember what this light "lens" came off of but my dad turned it into a dome light that lit the entire interior up an cool spooky green color.

He had pin stripe scallops added to it.

The only cars I really have ever loved skirts on are 1949-51 Mercs or some shoebox Fords that are more "kustom," but they looked okay on this car with the full lake pipes and spot lights.

My dad eventually got bored with it and sold it.

We heard that the person that owns it now actually does not live very far from my dad but the guy it would seem never drives it because I have not seen it once since he sold it.

It was a fun little car.


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