Friday, March 19, 2010

My Dad's New Challenger.

I noticed that a dealer down the road from me just got three plum crazy R/T Classics and one SRT8.

I contacted them and got the internet sales guy.
We discussed the price and the $2000 bucks in Dodge dollars you get right now as a promotion and I called my father.

He came out, and he bought a car.

He got a good deal on the car, and it is really cool. 
I still think the Challenger is a bit on the expensive side when you look at the Mustang and Camaro but you can not deny they are lookers and a fun car.

I know I enjoyed driving it around the block, and since he needs to make some room for it at his house I have it at mine right now and just washed it off.

The above picture is the SRT8 with my Mustang and my deuce coupe.

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