Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buster Lyon Auto Co. and my dads 69 vette.

My old man has worked at Buster Lyon Auto Company since the late 60's (and is still their today at the current location) and it is from my understanding the oldest independent note lot in Texas (started in '46).

Buster has long passed away and when I get a chance I will do some posts about him, he was a zoot suit wearing kat at one time and always bought a new Caddy 'vert every year. Later in life he was all about Excalibur cars...any of you remember those?

My dad being in the note lot business always had some killer rides and he was real big into Corvettes back when I was little.

One of his favorites of all time was this orange '69.

The picture is at the original location of Buster Lyon Auto Co. at the corner of Oakland and Main in the heart of Deep Ellum (Oakland is now Malcolm X).

Check out the rides for sale in the background.

I love looking at old pictures of the lot because it amazes me what pops up in the background for sale.

Often you will see in those pics things like 69 GTO 'verts and Road Runners.

From time to time I will post some more "lot" pics.

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Jeff said...

I grew up going to church with Buster and his wife, and your description is spot on. I even got to drive one of his Excaliburs a few times. And after some years, he moved from Caddy convertibles to the hard top, but it was still a new one each year.

He was a great guy, and I want to see more pictures and hear more of the stories from the lot.