Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 2010 Dallas New Car Show

Went and checked out the Dallas New Car Show today and took some quick pics.

Ford did not have the 5.o Mustang or any Shelby's so no Mustang shots...bummer.

Chevy had a big section of 'maro's to show.

I really dig the green on this ride. I almost painted my roadster Scion Envy Green but Synergy Green would make an even better hot rod color.

I had a Bullitt, always thought they should have done a Vanishing Point Challenger and so on but I can not get into the Bumblebee Transformers car at all...just me I guess but I find it kinda dorky.

A ZR-1...super cool but with the blue trim all over I really only dig these in blue, black, or silver.

Impossible to photo this color on the Scion but it was actually purple and not blue...very intense color. You have to see it in real life.

A few hot rods and muscle cars were present...

I still have a huge hate for Dodge dealers but I can not deny the coolness of the Challenger. I do crack up though, I wanted a B-5 Blue RT Classic like the one below and was told by one dealer that it would be impossible to get one and I would HAVE to pay above sticker for one and yet they sit on lots everywhere around me. Smooth move Dodge on losing my money.

Love the car, hate your dealers with a passion and I will continue to beat that dead horse into pulp!

Rad Ride conversion Stang and Maro...

Flat black?...too old skool rodz for Lexus IMHO but a neat looking car.

007's rides...

Enzo's babies...if only I had the money.

I would be all about this one in was okay on it though.

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