Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Old 1970's "wacky" car trading cards.

Anybody remember these? I found a stack of them at my parents house not too longs ago.

I can't remember if they came in a pack with gum or if they were in Wonder Bread (anybody remember when the bread companies used to stick cards in a loaf?)

Anyhow here is one of a "Pincho."

I will post some more from time to time.

Check out the back with the trivia and such...pretty cool huh?


cool cars said...

i have never heard about it but after watching them I started feeling that wish I could have these cards.

komenda said...

put a smile in my face! I like this card caricature stuff

Kevyn Hagemann said...

Yeah, pretty cool! "Facts" is actually spelled "FAX" right there, huh? It's a nice promotional strategy, though. Some people may not be aware of those ideas. Those who can't remember owning cards like that can actually have a feeling that they already have, 'cause it's a nice ad and they probably wish they kept those back then. :)

Anthony Gerardi said...

I have one of these! I can't remember now if they came in bread or what but I collected the better known Wacky Packages as well. I do have a single stack of these car cards and Pincho was one of my favorites. Others I recall off the top of my head were Stinkin' Continental (the car had a striped hood and skunk tail), Coldsmobile in which the car's passneger area looked like an igloo, ToyBoata, Boltswagon, and so on!

T. Gerardi (Providence, RI, USA)