Saturday, January 30, 2010

Young and dumb bass playing dude.

I found this old picture today of me with my old Rick bass. I am pretty sure this was taken on my 15th birthday.

Wow, I don't know if I would want to be 15 again but it would be nice to be that thin and have that hair back.

I sold the bass long ago, one of those things...I wonder where it is today?

I traded it for a re-issue 6120 Gretsch at Charlie's Guitars in Dallas, Texas (a guitar I also do not have anymore). That would have in the early 1990's when I did that.

Check out my orange room.

I also found this old picture of my Fender '57 Re-issue P Bass in its original color .

I still have it and it is the bass painted purple now to match my car...the picture is from long before the finish got ruined.

Dropping it was one issue and the water slide 'lady luck" decal actually ate into the paint!

I still like the green, but the finish was trashed and I think it looks pretty killer in purple now.

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Michael said...

Damn Dude... you were a skinny punk (LOL)!