Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some old rockabilly show shots.

I found some old pictures of some rockabilly shows from the early 90's.

Go Kat Go at Club Clearview in Dallas, Texas some time in the early 1990's.

High Noon at the same show.

Carl Sonny Leland at the Contenintal Club in Austin from around the same time period.

Big Sand and the Fly Rite Trio at the same show...notice T.K. Smith is still with the band at the time.

And the headliner that night was Johnny Carroll, RIP.

Johnny was a great guy and I had the pleasure of seeing him many, many times.

I have some other early pics of High Noon, Big Sandy, Dave and Deke, The Phantom Rockers, The Stray Cats, Backsliders, Paladins, Wagoneers, and other bands someplace.

I also have a lot of Ronnie Dawson pictures along with pictures of him playing with the Lone Star Trio at my wedding.

I will post them when I find them again.

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