Monday, January 18, 2010

Shouting out some THANK YOUS!

Well, the roadster if finally close to 100%.

Being the most useless person with tools ever I have to thank my Dad once again. I ran out of money a long time ago and he kicked in on the car (as always, he loves working on them and when they are done he is ready to move on to the next one) and he really did all the big work and I just helped. I looked forward to weekends at his place fooling with the car but it constantly amazed me on what he would get done during the week (especially when half the time he told me he had not gone out to the garage all week). He loves the detail work, making brackets, making things right. I would not have any of these cars if not for him and left on my own I would still be looking at a pile of parts. Every car was pretty much built in my head before we started but he made my visions a reality!

Being the son of a guy this passionate about cars is awesome. I hope he rubs off on my son!

Thanks Dad!

Once again Steve Donnell did the paint and body work and things like adding the bear claws. He always goes above and beyond and has a great eye for what works and does not work. He knows 32’s and just about all I know about them came from him. The extra little things he did on the car make it what it is. Heck, he even did a great job on the paint and does not like purple LOL.

Bob Wilson hooked me up with the brakes and drums and was a bunch of help as always. He always does more for you than he has too.

Mike Stuckey did the interior for us, and it came out great. I wanted it to be influenced by the McMullin roadster and I took some pics to him and he went to work.

Daniel of course did the pinstripes. A true master and the car was naked without them!

Ron built my tranny making my M22 dreams complete.

Karl was the source of the dash, I have loved those things since day one.

Richard at Richards Stuff hooked us up with a lot of the parts on this car. Great guy, great service.

Cornhuskers provided the frame, Sid at Bop Tops made us the white top, and Brizio hooked us up with windshield stuff also. Lots of bits came from Bob Drake (but were still waiting on that cowl vent seal)

Coker Tires provided the rubber and got us the wheels and caps. Corkey himself got involved. Thanks!

Several people did some little things along the way and offered lots moral support and acted as sounding boards for ideas.

Thanks Doug G., Michael B., Buzz, David P., Eric A., Bobby N., and Phil H.(well, maybe not so much Phil LOL).

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Michael said...

Hey Dude... the roaster turned out great! I don't know how much help I was, but thanks for the credit!
Now... let's go burn a set of tires off that hotrod!