Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pinstripe "O" Rama

Today my good buddy Daniel, a very well know North Texas pinstripe master and owner of the deuce five window I did a post on not to long ago, came over and laid the stripes on the hot rod and some other stuff.

I had a super cool Sunday afternoon shooting the breeze with Daniel and my Dad doing some minor cleaning and finishing on the cars and watching a master pin striper at work.

He did the beltline, deck lid, and nose of my ’32 roadster (called the “The Goofy Grape” by many now but originally was going to be “The Mummies Curse” in part because of the shift knob and in part because I love the Cali garage band The Mummies) in white and it contrasts very well on the purple and to me looks freaking awesome!

Once again the purple is not reproducing at all in the pictures, it always looks bluer in pictures than it does in real life.

We also finally got the reproduction 1957 Corvette Dual Quad Air Cleaners. My Dad trimmed them a bit so they would fit. The motor is an actual Vette 327 (yeah, I know everybody says that) with fuelie heads and to me the cleaners finish that look off.

After all these years on no stripes at all on my 1950 Merc we got Daniel to add just a little flourish to the dash just to break it up a bit. Many people that know the Merc will be surprised to see that after over 20 years of no stripes at all and being so subtle it will be missed by most people.

This will be a total love it or hate it thing but I had my 1957 Reissue Fender P Bass painted to match the car (as shown in some older posts) and wanted some stripes to tie it in to the car.

I am planning showing the car in the Dallas Autorama and want to display the bass with it.

While we were at it I had Daniel lay some stripes on my Kandy Tangerine Brian Setzer 6120 Hot Rod Gretsch and to me it really finishes that guitar off.

Make sure you click on the pics so you can see a larger image, the black is hard to see!

Here are a couple more shots of the interior.

Some garage shots (My dad does not have a car right now and all three are at his place).

And here is the fleet, the first time all three cars have been in one spot!

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champion said...

Awesome man. Huge congrats. Can't wait to see the grape at Autorama! - Elrod