Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec. Cars and Coffee

I forgot to charge my camera for cars and coffee so when I showed up I only got a few pictures and then the camera went dead. I forgot I took any at all until the other night when I was using the camera to take eclipse pictures.

Anyhow, the show was for Toys for Tots and had a little lighter turn out than normal but it was great weather.

I took the "family" Challenger out.

Green stang...not real Bullitt-E but sorta Bullitt-E.

A newer Bullitt...

Eric's Bullitt...

Very nice "beep, beep" car.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some more old pics of my 1969 Judge.

How about these for a mid 1980's flashback?

These pics have to be from right before I sold the car and might have been pictures I took so that I could use one to list the car in Auto Trader.

My brand new at the time 1987 Monte Carlo SS is in the background. I still remember picking that car up. They still had some 1986 ones on the lot but I wanted the 1987 because of the new style taillights on the car.

My dad still had his dark blue 1935 Chevy and it was finished, and my 50 merc is not in any of the garages meaning it was already torn down and at Wade's Rod and Custom getting worked on.

I also have the horrid Cragar wheels on the car because I did not want to let my Centerlines go with the car.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random Polaroids of cars from the 1980's

As I mentioned in the Bass post before this one I found some random polaroids. This first one is my dad's 1935 Chevy (the only year of suicide doors on them by the way) under construction but running on its own power.

I am not a fan of the painted bumpers on it but I did like the color matched wheels and small caps he used at first. The car would later have mag wheels on it.

A rear shot of the 1955 Chevy I had but we never did anything with because I was all into my 1969 GTO Judge. As far as I know it was parted out.

I totally forgot about this thing. My dad bought it and only kept if for a short time. I asked him about it and all he could really remember is he got a killer deal on it and flipped in and made a big profit. He said that was the only reason he bought it and he never even really drove it. I had fun with it a couple of weekends before it was sold.

That is me driving it when I was in high school. I probably took in down to Forest Lane and hit the Plano Burger King parking lot at Independence and Parker like I always did on the weekends.

The Burger King has been gone for many years and a Tom Thumb gas station sits at that spot today. Forest in Dallas was not dead yet during my high school years (early to mid 80's) and that Burger King actually attracted a ton of cars in Plano for several years and then it just died.

The Plano Senior High parking lot after games on Friday was also a big hang out spot for several years.

My Bass Collection: Circa 1986

Found a bunch of random polaroid pics the other day.

I am pretty sure these are from 1986 and from the day I got my '57 Fender P Bass Reissue.

No big stickers, no ruined paint, just some nice surf green action. This is the bass I still have but is painted purple to match my cars.

I also still had my red Ric at the time.

I don't even remember doing it and they must have not been on them for long but on both of them I have matching Rat Fink stickers on the pick guards.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ugghhh, I might be going crazy and getting obsessed...

I have two killer 32's and a 63 Dodge...the only other thing I could ever want is a Willys. Only way that will happen is if I were to sell both my 32's because I want a real steel bodied car.

Good idea or bad idea?

Should I just be happy with my 32's?

I should be, and I am...but gassers keep popping up in my dreams!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Dallas, Texas Cars & Coffee...Classic BMW needs your help.

Please read and help if you can:

My name is Eric Maas---My family owns Classic BMW. I am very proud to host the monthly Cars & Coffee event at my dealership. I feel that now is the time to address some of your concerns and some of mine....

During the last 18 months I have had a couple of conversations with participants at our event that have informed me that their cars have been in some way damaged. While hiring security for each row would be an option I decided to ask our participants and our spectators to RESPECT the cars. Classic's volunteer workers have been preaching respect for a few months and I have not had any communication from anyone regarding damage---so, I hope that the message has been received and we can all enjoy this wonderful show.

My issue has to do with RESPECT for my cars....I have a huge inventory of new BMW's that I move out of the normal storage lot at Classic onto the front grass area near Spring Creek Parkway. I do this to offer more space for people to display their cars at the event. On Saturday, during the event 14 brand new BMW's were vandalized. Evidently a small group of individuals walked around the inventory and keyed the cars---in a couple of instances they kinda went Picasso on the them. I will be posting the pics eventually. I will also be posting a link to the officer with the Plano Police that is currently investigating this crime.

If you have recollection of seeing these people performing this crime...please contact me at

I love hosting this event....but the future of an event like this is in jeopardized when anyone's car is damaged. Or when someone gets out of control....It's never easy to do something right. Please help me make this right.


Eric Maas,
President, Classic BMW---Home of Cars & Coffee Dallas


I really hope they catch whoever did this!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dallas Cars and Coffee 11/6/10

I forgot my camera again but my buddy brought his!

I picked a few for the page...

...check out more pics here: Anderson's pics on Dogfight!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1963 Dodge 330 Super Stock Clone.

The Dodge is now rolling on American Racing Torque Thrust Originals, Hurst Racing Tires, and is sporting a new Sun Retro Tach!

Retro Ramchargers decal...a fitting tribute to the greats!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Ol' Merc at home at its new home.

She has a new stable mate in the land of James Dean...another merc!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Were lowered S10 Blazers ever really cool?

I have never been much on min trucks but my dad had this ride for a short while and I never could really decide if I thought it was cool or not...what do you guys think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goodguys Lone Star Nats 2010

Had a great time this year! Here is a selection of my pics from the show.