Thursday, December 31, 2009

More good car books.

I posted this on the HAMB but thought I would throw it up on here also:

Well, like many of you I got my annual Christmas books...I usually get several books from family members and this years crop was really good.

1. The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles: Shelby

It's not complete like the title and author claim, it leaves out Unique Performance and the continuation cars for those of you that care but it does have some good HAMB-interest/on topic stuff on the drag Shelby's. The Dodge era actually gets some coverage which is interesting for those of us the grew up in the 80's and remember those cars turning up in high school parking lots.

Good pics, a bit better than the average Shelby book, only slightly on HAMB topic.

2. Snake and Mongoose: How a Rivalry Changed Drag Racing Forever

Very cool book with lots of early drag history. When I was a kid I preferred the Mongoose more than the Snake for no good reason and I had the 70's Hot Wheels stuff from the height of their popularity (I was born in 67). Very good pics and insight into two of my favorite drag racers of all time. The part about the Mongooses son and Tom and Snakes "moment" after his death is touching (yes, I am being emotional here). I found the part about the Snake's time working for T.V. Tommy interesting, somehow that never really registered with me before and I never gave it any thought.

Excellent pics, fairly good read, very on topic for the HAMB.

3. We Were The RamChargers

Seeing more pics and reading more details about these guys is a treat. The little things I did not know were very interesting and the end of the book tells you about what became of all of them. These guys were very "experimental" as most of you know and it is cool to kind of begin to understand these guys beyond the basic coverage on them from back in the day. Tom Coddingtons Old's powered 34 Ford was neat to see a pic of and it showed that these guys were true hot rodders from the start. I have always loved Dyno Don and reading more on the Ramchargers vs. Dyno Don's Chevies was very cool. A much deserved book covering "The TEAM."

Excellent pics, great read, very on topic for the HAMB.

4. Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and their battles for speed and glory at Le Mans.

First off not really a HAMBers book but I don't care. I loved this book.

I have always loved early Ferrari's.
I have always loved Shelby stuff.
I love the GT40.
I love Le Mans and miss Speedvisions coverage of it (Speed is not the same as Speedvision)
I have always liked F1 more than Indy and NASCAR/

This books covers it all and is a great read. I really got into it. I never really got Enzo before this and I did not know the current man named Ferrari's "history." The part with Dino was very sad to read for any father.

The Deuce is another hard person to understand (like Enzo) but this book really makes you appreciate what he overcame and what his father Edsel could not.

Shelby is in it of course, and I love the guy.

The real stars of this book are John Surtees (Ferrari Pilot)and Ken Miles (GT40 Pilot). The stories of these guys are in a sense classic greek tragedies. Surtees being chipped away at by backstabbers and the golden ring being stolen from Miles' grasp by corporate decision. I always loved Miles and his GT40's color scheme, I love and respect him even more now.

Like most of you I love "American Graffiti."

I love the chase in "Bullitt."

I watch "Hollywood Knights," "Vanishing Point," "Two Lane Blacktop" (a movie about nothing in a way), "The Gumball Rally" and so on...but I really love "Grand Prix" and "Le Mans."

The end of "Go Like Hell" says it has been optioned as a movie and if done right it could be incredible.

Any car guy needs to check this book out.

Few pics, incredible read, incredible people giving everything to win. Not HAMB-erific but you should check it out if you are a car guy.

Anybody else get some of these or any other good books I can spend my gift certificates on?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody!

Hope to see you cruising and having fun in 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

James Crawford and the New Years Dairyette Show.

A heads up for those of you that know James Crawford.

This is a post from Eric (The Fidgiter) on the HAMB.

Sorta combining two posts into one here... The annual new years day show hosted by the Concrete Lizards is happening as always. It's back at the Dairyette for '10, at the corner of Oats and Fergeson in Dallas. Registration opens at 10:00am, "awards" at 2:00. It's $10 to register a car (but more will always be accepted!).

As many of you know (and some do not) James Crawford, one of the best pinstripers and coolest guys in Dallas isn't doing very well. He has a brain tumor, and has only been given a couple months.

It's a difficult time for him and his family right now.

All the proceeds from the new years day show are going to help them out!

There will also be an auction with a bunch of cool donated items for his benefit.

So show up in force and do what you can.

The show will go on, rain or shine! Free black eyed peas for everyone!

Here's the thread on Mr. Crawford

Some pictures from last years show at the link...

Here's James' Merc, though many might know it better in yellow primer.

The car looked exactly like it does now with the painted flames but James drove his cars all the time and did a tear down in order to repaint it. The car stayed in yellow primer for a couple of years and was then returned to its flamed glory. That is why the Fidgiter mentioned the yellow primer bit.

James is a good buddy and a hell of a guy and this is some tragic stuff.

I have known him ever since I started into this merc thing. In fact when we were pulling all the stock stuff of my black merc James came over and helped and ended up with most of that stuff.

Show up and support him, and say a prayer or two for him

(aka King Voodoo)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I found some more pics of my 62.

These pictures are from when I first got the car. It was a 1962 Bubbletop Bel Air 409 clone car I had mentioned in a previous post.

the old post:

It had to go down the road for the roadster to happen, so "oh well."

Anyway, I did not think I had any pictures of the car with the "poverty caps" and it turns out I did.

I do still miss the car a little bit.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My 1932 Five Window

I said I would post the history of my 32 so here ya go.

First off, how I got the car.

The 32 sat in a guys backyard for years. Many people knew of it (I was not one of them) but nobody could get it bought. It sat under a shed with a cover and the gentleman also had a 32 roadster, four door sedan, and other cars.

A good buddy of my dads knew the guy and about the car and knew I wanted an upchopped five window. When the owner was convinced to sell his roadster our buddy told him about me and he said we could come "look" at the five window.

It was love at first sight! (The above picture is on the driveway at my Dad's when we got it home)

When we arrived I was told he was not really wanting to sell the car. He told me he had gotten it from another guy back in the 60's and could not really remember any names anymore. He said everybody wanted the car and he had refused many offers on it.

Then he started showing me old pictures and his cool stuff. As he warmed up to me he asked me why I wanted the car and what I was planning to do with it. When I told him my "gold vision" he decided I was "all right" and that I could buy the car.

He said it would upset many people with "standing offers" but he felt I would take care of her. The deal was struck and the next week we picked her up. This was back in very late (and cold) 2000, so I got it before the 75th of the Deuce was over!

Years later a member of my car club who is collecting history about Texas hot rodding stumbled across pictures of my car at Caddo Mills Drag Strip in 1957. The frame and other details gave it away.

We have the guys first name now that had the car back then and probably built it, and people sorta remember him when you rattle the ol' memory but beyond that nobody knows what became of him. I have posted that pic before but here it is again posted above.

What we do know it the car almost went from being a drag car to a circle track car and was abandoned in mid stream. It would likely never of survived that duty so lucky for it this never happened.

When we drug it home the tearing down began right away.

The car's construction actually moved at a really good pace.

Here the car is in the color sanding stage followed by some final build shots with my daughter wearing her "infamous" pink racing gloves. The racing glove pics were posted on the HAMB years ago and she became pretty well known for the pics for awhile. Looking back it is hard to believe she was that little back then.

That's my old mans noggin in the above picture. I hope the glare don't blind ya!

Pink racing gloves rule!

Above: Finished! (Except for minor details like brakes not working real well yet!)

When the car was completed it's first show was not even in Texas. We put the car on a trailer and took it to Back To The 50's in St. Paul MN. and had a good time. The car was not running right and the brakes were not working but she made it from the hotel to the car show and it has never been on a trailer since.

Here she is in front of the main exhibitors building in 2003.

Driving the car led to the removal of the slicks, they were just too crazy for the street.

Eventually the chrome reversed wheels led to Radirs.

Car has over 7000 miles on it now and never misses a beat.

It has been to the Lone Star Round Up several times, other Texas shows, and Oklahoma (mini nats).


Car runs a 330 HP 350 with a Turbo 350

Nine Inch Currie Rear

So Cal Frame with the So Cal Disc Brake set up

Radir Mags currently wearing Diamondback Tires

Paint and Body by Steve Donnell

Major work and time/money put in by my dear ol' Dad

California Gold Paint (a late model F body color)

Pearl Gold and Tan Tuck and Roll Interior

Shift Knob by McPhail (Tiki Devil)

Antique Tool Box turned into a battery box

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Merc

It was pointed out to me that I have never really shown my 1950 Merc or my 1932 Ford five window in much detail on my blog.

I will post the 32 in the near future, so first up is the 1950 Merc.

I posted this pic earlier on my blog of the Merc when I got it back in 1986.

It was a bone stock 30,000 original mile car that had been painted once.

It started life out in two tone brown and tan and was painted black before I got it. The ol' flathead ran pretty good.

I have not scanned any of the construction pics yet but here is a very early picture of the car with my 1951 Ford I got from a cool dude named Dean.

Notice no side trim and the red rims with caps.

The car was at the very first Round Up in Austin as show in the following pic and the funny thing is I kept calling it "Lone Star One" because my buddies Steve and Shaun were in charge of registration at the first Round Up and I was the first person any papers were issued to. My number for the show was "1."

Crazy side note, I did not know the guy at the time that owned the red 32 roadster next to me and after talking to him and sorta recognizing the car it turned out the roadster had belonged to the same guy that owned my five window. When the guy finally was convinced to sell the roadster he decided to sell the coupe and I ended up with it. I had seen pics of the car and was told about it and I ended up parking next to it...small world ain't it?

These pics were with my old cruddy camera. They show me getting ready to head out to the Round Up and my car out on Congress in Austin next to my high school buddy "Buzzard's" A-Bone.

I kept that registration stuff, so maybe when the Round Up hits its 10th I should take the Merc back down.

Anyhow, here are some more pics of the car.

Some details:

Mustang II front sub clip
Front Disc Brakes
Eight Inch Ford Rear
350 Turbo Tranny
400 CID Small Block Chevy that had been in my Dad's 35 Chevy Street Rod
3x2 Carbs
49 Merc Dash
54 Olds Side Trim
50 Lincoln Taillights
55 DeSoto Teeth

We did take the Goofy Grape for a spin on Thanksgiving.

We had a good time rolling around the "hood."

The car is finally getting ready to be finished up, we finally have it in a shop for interior work.

Updates on the way.

The kid has claimed the 'stang.

I guess you can't start them too young.

He helped me wash the 2010 GT tonight.

He pretty much calls it "my car."

I wonder if I can make myself hang on to it until 2023 LOL.

"We" also hit it with another coat of Zaino tonight...looks pretty sparky at dusk.