Friday, December 4, 2009

The Merc

It was pointed out to me that I have never really shown my 1950 Merc or my 1932 Ford five window in much detail on my blog.

I will post the 32 in the near future, so first up is the 1950 Merc.

I posted this pic earlier on my blog of the Merc when I got it back in 1986.

It was a bone stock 30,000 original mile car that had been painted once.

It started life out in two tone brown and tan and was painted black before I got it. The ol' flathead ran pretty good.

I have not scanned any of the construction pics yet but here is a very early picture of the car with my 1951 Ford I got from a cool dude named Dean.

Notice no side trim and the red rims with caps.

The car was at the very first Round Up in Austin as show in the following pic and the funny thing is I kept calling it "Lone Star One" because my buddies Steve and Shaun were in charge of registration at the first Round Up and I was the first person any papers were issued to. My number for the show was "1."

Crazy side note, I did not know the guy at the time that owned the red 32 roadster next to me and after talking to him and sorta recognizing the car it turned out the roadster had belonged to the same guy that owned my five window. When the guy finally was convinced to sell the roadster he decided to sell the coupe and I ended up with it. I had seen pics of the car and was told about it and I ended up parking next to it...small world ain't it?

These pics were with my old cruddy camera. They show me getting ready to head out to the Round Up and my car out on Congress in Austin next to my high school buddy "Buzzard's" A-Bone.

I kept that registration stuff, so maybe when the Round Up hits its 10th I should take the Merc back down.

Anyhow, here are some more pics of the car.

Some details:

Mustang II front sub clip
Front Disc Brakes
Eight Inch Ford Rear
350 Turbo Tranny
400 CID Small Block Chevy that had been in my Dad's 35 Chevy Street Rod
3x2 Carbs
49 Merc Dash
54 Olds Side Trim
50 Lincoln Taillights
55 DeSoto Teeth

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