Wednesday, December 23, 2009

James Crawford and the New Years Dairyette Show.

A heads up for those of you that know James Crawford.

This is a post from Eric (The Fidgiter) on the HAMB.

Sorta combining two posts into one here... The annual new years day show hosted by the Concrete Lizards is happening as always. It's back at the Dairyette for '10, at the corner of Oats and Fergeson in Dallas. Registration opens at 10:00am, "awards" at 2:00. It's $10 to register a car (but more will always be accepted!).

As many of you know (and some do not) James Crawford, one of the best pinstripers and coolest guys in Dallas isn't doing very well. He has a brain tumor, and has only been given a couple months.

It's a difficult time for him and his family right now.

All the proceeds from the new years day show are going to help them out!

There will also be an auction with a bunch of cool donated items for his benefit.

So show up in force and do what you can.

The show will go on, rain or shine! Free black eyed peas for everyone!

Here's the thread on Mr. Crawford

Some pictures from last years show at the link...

Here's James' Merc, though many might know it better in yellow primer.

The car looked exactly like it does now with the painted flames but James drove his cars all the time and did a tear down in order to repaint it. The car stayed in yellow primer for a couple of years and was then returned to its flamed glory. That is why the Fidgiter mentioned the yellow primer bit.

James is a good buddy and a hell of a guy and this is some tragic stuff.

I have known him ever since I started into this merc thing. In fact when we were pulling all the stock stuff of my black merc James came over and helped and ended up with most of that stuff.

Show up and support him, and say a prayer or two for him

(aka King Voodoo)

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