Thursday, November 26, 2009

One of my FAVORITE cars of all time...

I can't remember at this point where I saw this particular 1932 Five Window first, but I think it may have been at one of the NSRA mini nats in the 80's when I used to go to a lot of them and the Nationals with my Dad and his buddies.

All I can tell you is I fell in love with this car the first time I ever saw it.

I remember talking to the original builder of the car and we even hinted around about if he ever wanted to sell it to let us know.

I saw the car a couple of more times and then I saw something that just blew me away!

I think it was at the Oklahoma mini nats because the car was parked under the wing of a large bomber (I think Oklahoma was the only fair grounds with fighters and bombers all over the place high up in the air on mounts) and the car had been rolled over and the corner of the roof was crushed.

We never could catch up with the owner and at that point I think the car may have already changed hands.

Nevertheless the car was returned to it's former glory and another person owns it now.

I have talked to the guy that has in now once (seemed like a real nice guy!) at the MN. Back to the 50's event and seen the car there several times.

For some reason it seems to always be parked in odd locations and is hard to find at the show. One year is was back in a hardly used stable area.

Most of my pics are standard 35mm stuff and I have not scanned them. That means that a few of these pics are "stolen" from other sites and I do not remember which ones. (Probably most are from the HAMB)

A few of them are ones I took with a horrid digital camera I had (bad color big time) and some are scans from a magazine.

This car was one of a few unchopped 32's that were a huge influence on me and the building of my car.

As stated it is an unchopped 5iver with multi carbs in a killer lilac purple. It has/had police gauges in it from the 50's molded in the dash.

The frame has a swoop to it and the steel wheels run spyders.

The air cleaners have changed over the years.

I love this car!

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