Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another car that was a huge influence on me.

Years ago before I had any of my 32's I met a guy named Mike that used to be involved with the So Cal Speed Shop in Colorado.

He was always one of the coolest guys to talk to and I enjoyed seeing him for several years on what used to be a yearly trek to Back To The 50's in St. Paul MN.

One year under the tent they had this killer 32 cabro in purple with a DeSoto Hemi that set my world on fire.

To this day I love this car and between this car and the one in my last post you can probably see why I wanted a purple car.

This is another car I wish the stars had lined up on and I could have bought.

I know at least a few months ago the car was in the hands of a place that sells street rods and muscle cars.

I wish I could have bought it but by that point the roadster project was already underway.

Cabro's don't get allot of respect for some reason...and they are an odd ball 32, but this car just dripped coolness.

I guess for about three years they brought that car out to BTT50's and I left a ton of drool marks on it.

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