Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocking it 70's and 80's style car wise.

I have been joking for years that the late 70's/80's are going to come back when it comes to cars.

Pastels, street freaks, pro street, billet, and so on will be the next instead of on Rat Rods it is going to be the muscle cars and 70's and 80's rides I grew up with.

I hate to admit it but since I grew up in that era I have a love for
Cragar S/S, hoods with holes in them, tachs and other instruments on the hood in a housing, and white letter tires.

Hot Rod just came out this month and have an article on this.

The timing could not be any better.

A good buddy of mines pick up died and he needed to find something else to haul stuff in and we started talking about "old man"
El Caminos.

Well, one thing led to another and he got himself a
1980 El Camino.

It needs paint and some TLC but is a fairly slick old ride.

It had horrid wheels on it and we debated what it needed and the infamous Cragar S/S came into play.

He collected up some wheels and got himself some tires and is
rocking the white letters on Cragars and you know what, I totally am digging on it.

My buddy is ahead of the curve and rocking it old school.

Update: My buddy sent me a day shot for the maximum effect of chrome and white letters.

Like I said, needs paint but is straight.

I hope he keeps it maroon/red myself.

How about a vote: Keep it red or change it? If you vote for change what color?


Eric said...

I think it needs one of those Choo-Choo Customs Camaro SS noses and some gold Daytons.

Merc said...

Don't think the SS front end has not already come up dude.

Don't be hating man, the Daytons was below the belt LOL.

BTW, when you gonna join in on the new trend with that goat?

buzzard said...

If it was mine, I'd paint it invisible. Either that, or get some HiJackers for the back to show off my slapper bars.


Merc said...

Hey buddy, we already have the air shocks on the bad ride.

Eric said...

I don't think the GTO deal is going to pan out unfortunately. But oh well, it's not going anywhere other than rotting back into the earth.

To be honest, I really like the '81-'87 El Camino nose a lot better than that one.

There's one of these in a garage in my neighborhood, hasn't moved an inch in the 3 years I've been here. I'm always tempted to ask, but the old lady looks grumpy all the time. You know I've got a soft spot for El Caminos.

Eric said...

P.S. the cragars looks gooooood. The white letter tires are ugly, but they really look right on that car!

Anonymous said...

I think it's sweet looking. What's it got under the hood?? Please don't say V6...

Merc said...

305 CID Small Block.