Thursday, July 9, 2009

United Breaks Guitars...

I don't know how many of you out there have been through similar things but I can say firsthand that most airlines and companies don't care about consumers and that ticks me off!

In fact, I feel this one of the plagues of modern society and is pretty much found in all levels of "corporate" America and "civil" America now.

We live in a world that has bailout money going to companies and they have parties.

Companies and the Government take our money and give no customer service or satisfaction.

We have become pretty pathetic in the US.

Everybody is out for themselves and the all mighty buck rules...damn everything else.

A man named Dave Carroll experienced the worst we have to offer these days, a careless airline that cared little for his problem or his guitar...and I relate.

I am all about cars and guitars and I feel for him.

He is now getting some attention for a great video that puts it all out there and it is freaking brilliant.

Check out
the video at this link: UNITED BREAKS GUITARS!

United* says they are going to take care of him and I hope they do.

*Funny how it took massive response to the video for them to step up though...

I hope they learned a great lesson from one hell of a consumer and one smart guy with the guts to do something for himself and for all of us by taking a stand.

On top of that, it is one catchy tune and that really makes it worth looking at!

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