Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pat Ganahl's Nitti inspired 1932 Roadster.

Joe Nitti Roadster is a car I have mentioned on my blog before as one of my all time fav cars.

Pat Ganahl
has finished a 1932 roadster that is inspired by Joe's car.

The thread came up on the the
HAMB recently and hotrod32 posted the pics (and they are his property...dig?).

Check it out by click-N the linky.

Thanks for the post hotrod32, and thanks for building such a cool car Pat!

This is a car everyone should check out!!!!


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jesse said...

Jesse (justacarguy) here, what is your email? Wanted to email you that I'm not yet done with the Roth post, still adding to it for the next couple of weeks.... check back now and then to see it grow, and I'm going to be posting a lot of other Roth stuff, like the Weirdo shirts ads, his dragster, etc. Gald you are enjoy the stuff I'm sharing, and that you are sharing cool stuff too!