Sunday, July 19, 2009

The latest on The Goofy Grape

It is getting closer and closer.

We tried to fire it off today but no luck.

One problem was the builder said it was at top dead center, but it was not.

Got that fixed and the battery gave up the ghost.

She puffed some smoke and backfired a bit, but she is waking up.

With the shell and lights is starting to look like a car again.

I want my MUMMY!

I got this from a guy on the HAMB and stripped it and repainted it myself.

Hard to tell in the pic but I fogged the inside of the eye sockets and it looks like it has glowing eyes.

You might be able to see the eyes better in this pic.

It came out good and creepy!

The dash is looking good now.

Tach it up!

Helmeted warriors.

You can't have too many gauges.

Someday these two will rumble down the road together and be full time stable mates.

Every hot rod should come with an accessory guitar or bass.

I have had a 1957 Fender P-Bass re-issue since 1986 and like a dumb kid I put a water slide "Lady Luck" decal on it and never took care of it.

I dropped it once and really put the hurt on it.

At one point I tried to remove the decal and it had ruined the paint under it, and I messed it up even more with a vandalism mark remover that was not supposed to hurt paint but did.

It softened up the paint and flat out killed off what was left of the finish.

I guess I could have kept it all trashy and called it a relic, but instead it will live again as an accessory for the roadster.

You can see the old original green in the coves still.

Some people seem to like it, others think I need to join a funk band with it instead of struggling with surf tunes.

I like it, even if it is a bit "pimp-ish."

I am taking it to Kerry's Guitar Shop for the rebuild and will post it when it comes back from the grave.

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