Monday, May 4, 2009

She was so fine, my 409!

Sometimes you have to let a car go in order to have another one. With some regret I let my 1962 Bel Air go in order to finance the Goofy Grape roadster. I have always loved bubble tops, pure and simple. My favorite was and is the 62 Bel Air. I dreamed of tearing up the roads like Dyno Don in one, but they are not the most common of cars to come across.

I finally stumbled across one I could not pass up and it was a killer ride. Up front let me say I did not have a hand in building this car, it was bought. The story was the old guy that built it had passed, but he had turned it into one heck of a 409 clone.

Yes, I said clone...I ain't one to pass a car off as something it is not.

The car was originally a white with blue interior six banger. The story relayed to me by the person I got the car from was the ol' timer that built it found a wreaked 62 409 Impala and he took everything from that car to turn the lowly sixer into a 409.

He also hunted down the other proper parts and I will tell you this, I bought a book that had all the numbers and codes for a 62 with a 409 and this car was a numbers matching clone with every single part being correct.

From the block, carb, tranny, rear end, and so on is was a 62 409! This car could have been passed off as the real thing it was so good. One change of a trim tag and vin and it would have been hard to prove it was not. It was a great clone, and an awesome car. You have not lived until you have throttled a 409.

The Beach Boys were right, they were fine.

If I ever win the lotto, I will have another one.

My love for 32 Fords sent this one down the road and it was worth it, but I would be lying if I did not admit that I miss jumping in her and roaring through the night.

For a short period of time I did have two Beach Boys songs covered...Little Deuce Coupe and 409 and that was kinda cool!


Michael said...

I know it was hard letting go of this one! Thanks for letting me take it around the block before you got rid of her!

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