Friday, April 17, 2009

My Guitars...

Well, back around Christmas I posted about how I wanted a Brian Setzer Hot Rod and I finally was able to get one.

I got it from Rocky and Street Sounds of New York City. He is the largest Gretsch dealer in the US and he hooked me up...thanks Rocky!

Anyhow, here is a pic of my new guitar and my other stuff.

*It is a pity such find instruments are wasted on my no talent hands!

My brand new Setzer Hot Rod in Kandy Tangerine with TV Jones Classics. I will probably keep round wound 10's on it.

My Burgundy Mist Jazzmaster Thin Skin Re-issue I got from Wildwood that I have show on here before...I love my surfy little buddy. I run Pyramid flats in 11 gauge.

My Electromatic with 11 gauge flats, my Fender Hot Rod American P/J bass that they only made a few years (American made), my Hot Rod Red Fender Jaguar Bass (made in Japan), and my ol' Fender six string I have had since the early 80's.

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