Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Goodbye Pontiac!

Above is a scan of an old pic of my 1969 GTO Judge.

Before I became fully converted to world of traditional hot rods and kustoms I, like most American boys growing up in the late 70's and early 80's, had the muscle car bug.

Out of all the muscle machines Pontiac's spoke to me the most.

I don't know why I always dug GTO's so much more than 442's, SS's, GSX's, Road Runners, Cuda's, Stang's and so on, but I always did.

When it came to Goats I always was drawn to two particular examples of the breed...1965 Iris Mist coupes and 1969 Judges in Carousel Red.

Why the heck that color was called red when it was orange as the day is long still bothers me.

When it came down to the quest for a GTO I targeted the Judge and when I was 14 my father and I tracked down a 4 speed, no air, early Judge from a fellow in Lawton, Oklahoma.

I still remember to this day dragging that car home on a trailer and I never though we would part ways.

When I was a senior in high school the bug hit for kustoms and my life became all about 50 mercs and I sold that Judge in late 86 (or maybe early 87?) for what was at the time a ton of money for one of these cars.

Today one of these cars is worth a WHOLE lot more than what I sold it for, but who does not have a similar story when it comes to being involved in old hot rods?

I said goodbye to that Pontiac a long time ago, and sometimes regrets roll into my head about it.

The fond memories are stronger

Now we say goodbye to Pontiac as a whole...and it is with a heavy heart.

My son will never know the joy of sneaking up to the dealer to see the new Trans Ams.

GTO's will be like De Sotos to him...a cool car from long ago.

I weep for the Pontiacs that could of and should have been.

Goodbye Ol' Indians, you will be missed and remembered!


the fidgiter said...

All I have to say is that someone over at Buick must had a REALLY nice set of lips. I can't believe they are still around and Olds and Pontiac are dead. GM SUCKS!

Curty Ray said...

Hear hear!!

Merc said...

Yeah, it is not that I hate Buick but it is sick that the only reason that brand is not dead and Pontiac got the axe is because the guys in China dig Buicks...what a load of crap.

I even liked GN's and GNX's but since those days all they do is old man cars.

Now I wish I had supported Pontiac and bought a new GTO and others had also.