Friday, April 17, 2009

The Chaparrals

I have the pure honor of being a member of the Chaparrals, one of the oldest car clubs in Texas.

The club was revived several years ago by some good friends of mine with the blessings of the originals and they asked me to join.

They were though to be only a "hot rod roadster club" by many people, but that was not the case...they were just good buddies into cars and several members had coupes and customs along with the drag cars and roadsters.

They never ran a traditional car club plaque originally but instead they had metal tags like the one shown below. At the top of this post is one of our new plaques we had made to look like the original metal tags. The tags were smaller, easy to scratch, and they tended to fade in the sun.

They appeared in Hot Rod Magazine in the early 50's as shown below.

This is one of the original jackets.

Today we now have "traditional" (for a lack of a better term) club jackets similar to those found being worn by great clubs like The Shifters and The Choppers.

We used the original logo from the member "tags"

I am one lucky guy to be in the company of such great people!


Michael said...

Sweet Jackets!

Michael said...
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the fidgiter said...

Car clubs are gay.

Merc said...

Yeah, they are gay...who would ever want to be in one of THEM!