Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Scorpion

Local hero, metal man, and car builder Don Ross has been recreating the infamous Scorpion drag cars as a labor of love for the last few years.

Like many early drag cars several versions were created over the years of the Scorpion, similar to the evolution of the Swamp Rats.

The first car Don built is just plain killer and at the same time crazy.

It is funny to think how guys gave no thought to the dangers of front engine dragsters and how wild the rides were.

Some time ago I scored another stash of old car magazines and in one was a story on one of the original Scorpions.

I thought some of you readers of my blog (all two of you) might like to see the article.

This is another version of the Scorpion Don has built. Both were fired off for the crowds at the Dallas Autorama this year.

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